Ranking the Best James Bond Title Sequences

The most visually compelling of these signatures is the opening credits sequence. 

Typically, a mix of impressionistic images, bodies in motion, and explosions, they set the stage for the film to come. Some recall past events. Others foreshadow the movie’s events to come. The truly great ones capture the tone of the film. 

As not all Bond credits sequences are created equal, we wanted to take a bit to point you towards the ones that we think will knock your socks off. We also warn you away from the least of them as a bonus. 

License to Kill

While this one will come in for a bit of criticism below, it gets points for one of the more unique visual motifs. While it mixes in other elements, License to Kill is mostly arranged around photography and components therein. 

The Spy Who Loved Me

007 opening sequences, especially during the Moore era, could be pretty cheesy. However, this one embraces that feeling to have a good time. That puts it above many of its more serious despite the cheese brethren. 

Diamonds Are Forever

The real highlight, though, is the cat. The sequence implies the cat is either the film’s Bond girl or villain or, perhaps, both. It’s an undeniably fun bit of business.