The Best Games By Shinji Mikami Ranked

What’s a better way to celebrate spookiness and horror than to honor the master of the horror genre in video games, Shinji Mikami. 

We will be looking specifically at the game that Mikami directed. Thus, you won’t see the likes of Devil May Cry or the upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo on this list. 

Dino Crisis

Released in 1999 on the original PlayStation, Dino Crisis sees players trapped on an island tasked with investigating a research facility that’s been overrun with dinosaurs. 

The Evil Within

The Evil Within sees players assume the role of detective Sebastian Castellanos as he’s pulled into a world of horror and despair. 


The game brought hardcore 2D-style gameplay to action games that weren’t seeing much advancement in the mainstream space at the time. 

Resident Evil/REmake

The game made zombies scary again and was extremely tense and full of heart-pounding moments. Everyone remembers the dog scene in the game.