12 Professional And Legitimate Reasons for Leaving a Job

There are many valid reasons for leaving a job. When you resign from your current role, you want to leave on good terms.

Even if you are unhappy, leaving on bad terms could hinder your future career aspirations.

You may be wondering how can a person resign from a job while remaining professional and not burning bridges? Here are 12 good reasons for leaving a job that allows you to still keep things professional.

Advancing your career by accepting a promotion or new role is a good thing. It shows that you care about your career and that you are growing professionally. 

You Have Found New Opportunities Elsewhere

Whatever the case may be, explaining your situation to your boss, how the schedule change is impacting you and your family, and emphasizing the schedule led to your resigning will let you leave your job in a professional manner.

Your Schedule Took a Hit

For example, if you are starting a family, you and your partner may decide that you will stay home and that they will keep working. Or you may need to take time off to care for yourself or an unwell family member. 

Personal or Family Reasons

While it may not have seemed like a big deal at first, those long drives back and forth several times per week may be taking a toll on your family and your wallet, especially at the gas pump.

Your Commute Is Too Long

There's nothing wrong with having an honest talk with your boss to explain how your goals have changed. By doing so, chances are your boss and colleagues will have even more respect for you than they already did.

You Decided To Pursue Other Goals

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