10 Top Reasons People Are Against Cannabis Use

Are you against or for cannabis use? Several states have legalized marijuana, and several more have it on the ballots.

Recently a Redditor asked, “Those who are against cannabis, what's your reason?” The internet responded to give you these top-voted answers.

Everyone I know who smokes it is either utterly obsessed with it (like it's their whole personality) or psychologically dependent on it. There never seems to be a healthy balance. It's always full-on pothead.

Dependency on a Substance

Sad-Raise-754 stated, “Stoners are freaking annoying and smell terrible. I hate that recreational stoners (not medicinal) will go on and on about the medical benefits. As if they care about anything other than wanting to get high and not get arrested for it.”

Stoners Are Annoying

Several users expressed disgust with the aroma. One user said, “Honestly, the smell just gives me a headache.” Another replied, “Yup. The smell triggers migraines for me.”

The Smell

Common-Wish-2227 admitted to working in mental health and said, “Like other anxiolytics, cannabis upregulates the brain's anxiety circuits. Take a look at people addicted to anxiolytics (benzodiazepines etc.). They don't seem to have slight anxiety, do they? Same with cannabis.”

Brain Anxiety Circuits

Common-Wish-2227 also said, “Cannabis makes you unable to judge how badly you are affected by it correctly. Again, same as with benzos. People have studied this and found that if you test the driving capability of people high on cannabis, you'll find that they do some dangerous stuff. ”

Judgment Abilities

Redditor crack_n_tea stated, “I have no self-control, and I don't need another potential substance that allows me to ruin my own life.” Several Redditors agreed with this sentiment and added it's their reason too.

Lack of Self-control

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