Unmasking The Truth:

10 Underlying Reasons Why People Are Skipping Work

Do you have a career that you love or a job that you love to hate?

Recently, someone asked, “People who don't want to work, why not?” The internet responded to deliver this list of reasons people protest the daily grind.


“That's the only thing that makes sense to me. The thought of being chained somewhere I don't want to be – makes me physically nauseous. I spent 15 years in tech support. I would wake up every morning with that ‘OH NO' feeling.”

The Stress

“If I could do a much less stressful, simple, and enjoyable job, I would. But to survive this world, you have to make much more than minimum wage, and it's nearly impossible on your own,” admitted one reader.

Nothing Worth Trading 40 Hours a Week

“There is nothing that I love enough to want to spend 40+ hours a week doing it,” volunteered one user. Another stated, “At least nothing that pays enough.”

Different Priorities

“I want to work. In my garden. On my home. With my family and on crafts. But I don't want to work,” shared a commenter. Another replied, “I don't have the energy to do both. My family should get priority, but bills must get paid.”

We Are Not Robots

Another expressed, “People love to be useful and productive if they have autonomy and are in control of their own time. Unfortunately, the modern workforce is so unnatural that it strips away much of what makes ‘working' fun.”

Too Much Time

One user noted, “I want to work, but I only wish to work to be a small part of a colorful and varied life. Instead, you must work 40-60 hrs a week to barely make ends meet and have no energy leftover to enjoy your little time outside work.”

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