Want To Retain Staff? Here’s 5 Reasons Why People Quit

According to the latest US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, a record number of people are quitting their jobs. 

And while a push to return to the office is playing a part, it's not the whole story. 

In some cases, the reasons behind the massive departures are the usual ones. 

Their bosses and/or colleagues are toxic.

It can take a toll on your mental and physical health, and it will inevitably make you dread each and every workday. Ultimately, it’s enough to drive even the most patient individual out of the workplace. 

They don’t feel valued at work.

One Office Team study found that 66% of employees surveyed said they would resign if they didn’t feel appreciated in their jobs — and it’s not difficult to understand why. 

They’re stuck.

Growth is a major goal for most workers. It’s frustrating to stay in a job where you’re not advancing in your career. There may not be opportunities available, in which case sticking around could be detrimental to your career.