Reasons to Earn an Associate’s Degree Rather Than a Bachelor’s Degree

Before you feel resigned to a life of dissatisfaction and settling, know that you don't need a four-year degree to earn an excellent salary, nor do you need to go into debt to achieve a higher salary. 

Learn how a two-year associate's degree can help you land a satisfying job that offers equally satisfying pay. 

Smaller Price Tag

One of the leading reasons to look into earning an associate's degree rather than a bachelor's degree is that you can save money by earning an associate's degree—a lot of money. 

Your Dream Job Doesn't Require a Bachelor's Degree.

At the very least, you may be able to work your way up to your desired position with just an associate's degree. 

Enter the Workforce Faster

The faster you step into the workforce, the quicker you start earning money, and the more opportunities you have to gain professional experience. 

You Aren't Sure Which Professional Path You Want To Take.

One specific type of program to avoid with this tip is an occupational associate's degree. These programs have a particular and focused area of studies, such as welding or HVAC maintenance.