10 Common Tropes That Cause People to Fully Lose Interest in a Movie

Movies are a powerful form of storytelling, capturing our imaginations and transporting us to other worlds.

However, not all films are created equal, and even the most promising movie can lose its audience's interest due to certain overused storytelling tropes. Here are the ten most annoying movie tropes that cause viewers to lose disengage.

There was a consensus among movie buffs that, by far, the most overdone trope is when the central conflict is entirely dependent on miscommunication that even the most basic of communication could fix.

“There's No Time To Explain!”

As one moviegoer rightfully points out, the clumsy, nerdy, awkward girl was always played by the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. Someone who could have played the popular girl if the costume department didn't lazily put her in glasses and overalls.

The Weird Nerdy Girl Played by The Hottest Woman You've Ever Seen

This problem is two-fold: for one, the so-called “smart” character usually isn't particularly insightful or clever. Instead, they have a lengthy vocabulary.

“Smart” Characters Being Stupid

The second problem with these characters is when the writers contradict their supposed intelligence by making dumb decisions for drama.

Sure, men and women are different. Women are said to have a “mother's intuition,” which leads to different parenting styles, but do men need to be portrayed as incompetent bumbling idiots in every sitcom and movie we're exposed to?

The Useless Dad

Conveniently, they know everything their character needs to know medically, scientifically, and academically to advance the plot. This is lazy writing. At least introduce new characters who can be these specialists instead of one character who's a one-size-fits-all genius on every subject.

The Expert on Everything

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