Here are 10 Reasons Why You Might Retire Poor

Workers can barely stick their necks above the waters, and people are forced to retire poor. The situation is common, although this is more prominent in some countries than others. 

These are alarming statistics and justifiably should provoke us to beg the question, “why are 95% of people broke at 65?” Put another way, “why do 95% of people retire poor.” 

Here are ten reasons that offer some answers. 

They Never Clearly Define Financial Freedom

Freedom can have a different meaning for different people. So, attaining financial freedom can have a varying definition to individuals. 

They Never Make Freedom an Absolute Must

Hope is not a strategy, and to attain financial freedom and retire rich; you need to be relentless and ruthless in the pursuit of your goals. 

They are Unaware of the Power of Their Subconscious Mind

Harv Eker sums it up appropriately when he says,'” the only way to change the temperature in the room is to reset the thermostat.”