Here’s What Won’t Land You The Job

8 Red Flags for Hiring Manager

If you want to stay in the running, don’t get taken out early by committing one of these interview process “sins” that cover communication pitfalls, forgetting to bring the energy to the interviews, and cringeworthy interview outfit choices.

Avoid these common red flags, and you’ll be sure to go far in the interview process—and maybe find yourself with a new job offer on a robust career path.

If a hiring manager reads your email, they should get the impression that you are articulate, can get to the point, and communicate clearly, yet in an actionable way, because you respect their time is valuable.

Poor Email Etiquette.

The number of stories I’ve heard about candidates showing up to interviews in overly casual clothes or with greasy, unwashed hair would shock you.

Unprofessional  Interview Attire.

Too many times, qualified candidates are passed over for a position because they didn’t show enough interest – or came on too strong.

Not Enough or Too Much Interest in a Position.

Where the alarms go off for them is seeing short stints with several employers, no forward movement, bouncing around industries, or no pattern.

Frequent Job Hopping.

Follow-up questions are an unspoken part of every interview, which like a conversation, works both ways. The hiring manager wants to know about you beyond the resume, and they expect you to do the same beyond the job post, so come prepared.

No Follow-up Questions.

The last thing you want is for a potential job to fall flat because your reference was slow to get back, wasn’t down to talk, or worse—didn’t have nice things to say.

Issues With References.

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