Everybody’s a Critic, So Stop Hating Film Critics

Rosenberg is a politics writer, not a cultural critic, and it shows. Basically, everything he says about critics, about leftists, about bubbles, and about politics in art is laughably and gratuitously inaccurate. 

Rosenberg points to a number of trend pieces in outlets like Polygon and  The Ringer that assert that Harry Potter films and Lin-Manuel Miranda films have become cringe, and are no longer popular. Rosenberg then points out that these films are still in fact doing well at the box office. 

He concludes, “The problem with being a professional critic is that you end up consuming so much culture that you stop processing it like a normal person. 

Once you’ve seen your 20th car chase of the year, the novelty begins to wear off.” Critics are too jaded to love “a banal superhero movie or the latest Harry Potter or Star Wars release” the way normal audiences do. 

The problem here is that the trend pieces Rosenberg is relying on are largely incorrect. Trend pieces need to make big sweeping statements; people who write for those sites are often scrabbling through Twitter desperate for some sort of news hook controversy. 

But most critics mostly write reviews. And among such reviewers, there is not some sort of massive critical backlash against Harry Potter or Lin-Manuel Miranda or action franchise blockbusters. This is easy to confirm if you spend a few minutes googling around in Rotten Tomatoes.