Relive Your Childhood With the Best SNES Games

For as great as the Nintendo Entertainment System was for many of us 80's children, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) video game console is where things really took off.

In no particular order, here are the games I remember playing the most during this exciting time in video game history.


Pilotwings was our first glimpse into what was to become the world of 3D gaming. Nothing beats your first time, right?

Breath of Fire I and II

Both of these games were your typical JRPG-type turn-based game, but they were both a ton of fun.

Star Ocean

This RPG had a sci-fi storyline any kid would love, plus lots of fun characters, weapons, and other features of all the great SNES RPGs.

Street Fighter II Turbo

Fantastic characters with tons of different cool moves to try; it was fun to try and master each one.

Top Gear and Top Gear 2

Top Gear was the logical step up from NES racing games simply by using the same basic game with better graphics.

Final Fight

Taking what made the Double Dragon games popular on the NES, Final Fight brought brawling to the SNES with just a good old fashion beat 'em up type style that was always fun.

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