Remote Work From Paradise?

It Might Be Closer Than You Think

Picture this: you're sipping fresh, local coffee from a hammock as you sign in to your remote job overlooking the rainforest.

After answering a few emails, you plan a weekend getaway to hike one of Earth's highest-altitude active volcanoes. Next week, you'll move to a new apartment with a view of the ocean to work on your next remote assignment.

The concept of a digital nomad visa is nothing new. From countries like Portugal and Greece to tiny island nations like Barbados and Dominica, similar visas entice foreign workers to settle for a few months or even years.

So what makes Ecuador's digital nomad visa better than all the rest?

While most other countries offer digital nomad visas that last for one year, Ecuador's digital nomad visa allows for residency for up to two years. Applicants can file the paperwork online from anywhere in the world. Remote income isn't subject to income tax.

Ecuador's Enticing Offer

Plus, a unique benefit of Ecuador: it uses the U.S. dollar. No money conversion fees here, allowing remote workers to make the most of Ecuador's famously low cost of living. Ecuador has long been a top destination for foreign retirees for this exact reason.

Applicants need to show just $1,275 in income per month from a source outside of Ecuador, like a remote job or their own remote business – three times Ecuador's minimum wage of 425 USD per month. Or, show that you make at least $15,300 in a year.

A Perfect Fit

For new digital entrepreneurs, budding freelancers, or part-time workers with digital nomad jobs, Ecuador's digital nomad visa is an accessible possibility.

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