I’m a Remote Worker — Here Are My 4 Tradeoffs for Flexibility

I love working from my home. I know some people who feel like I do and cannot imagine their work-life any other way. I also know some people that lose their mind at the thought of it because they need to be in an office, or they need to be anywhere BUT home to work.

Despite my adoration of working from home, there are indeed some tradeoffs. Nothing so big that it makes me rethink my work situation, but notable enough, I’ve had to instill new habits to ensure I am always feeling like my best self.

I live in the most adorable, miniaturized studio apartment, with tiny furniture that makes tall visitors feel like they are in an Alice in Wonderland scenario.

Cabin Fever.

It brings me joy, it brings me peace, and as a remote worker, it can also bring me cabin fever! To prevent cabin fever attacks, I try to get out every morning for a run or a walk, but some days that doesn’t happen.

Gone are my days of hallway-passerby conversations, having a quick girl chat when you happen to be in the bathroom at the same time, or connecting with a coworker while walking out to your car at the end of the workday.

Less Naturally-Occurring Social Interaction.

Now I have good morning chats while I am getting ready for the day and a coworker is driving into the office, I have virtual lunch with others, and once a month I hop on an early morning virtual call with a coworker. We catch up while we are doing our makeup together.

This one ticks me off. Let’s be clear: Yes, I am working. Remote workers are working. What makes you think we aren’t?! What about being physically present in an office building that some people make grandiose presumptions that you are productive?

People Questioning If I’m Really Working.

I am wildly productive working from my house, and I love pushing myself in my own space. Presuming a remote worker is not working sans evidence reflects an observer’s bias that needs to be checked at the door. End rant.

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