Rent a Friend: Get Paid to Be A Friend

Making money outside of your full-time career has never been easier. In fact, just about every idea you could ever think of is now a genuine possibility for you to make money. 

Rent a Friend is an online platform that literally allows people to Rent a Friend for a special event, for fun, and considers itself the premier virtual friend service (due to COVID). is a platform that allows people to… you’ve guessed it… rent a friend. It’s essentially a marketplace where people who want to rent a friend can hook up with people who are willing to be someone’s friend in return for cash. 

How does Rent a Friend work?

So the basic deal with Rent a Friend is that it’s a worldwide directory of people who are willing to be someone else’s friend in exchange for an agreed payment. 

Now the obvious question that springs to mind with Rent a Friend is whether the platform promotes or indeed condones sexual “get-togethers.” The answer is no. 

Is Rent a Friend sexual?

Is Rent a Friend legit?

Rent a Friend is both legal and legit. The platform is genuine and, depending on the arrangements you make as a friend for hire, you can make money by simply being someone’s companion.

So it’s always advised to be cautious and take general safety precautions when meeting someone for the first time, like arranging to meet in a public place and making people you know aware of your plans. 

Is Rent a Friend safe?

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