I Tried Getaround and This Happened

Maybe you’ve heard about Getaround or Turo – peer-to-peer car-sharing platforms, alternatives to traditional car rental companies. I have tried Getaround on many occasions, and this summarizes my experiences.

The first time I heard of Getaround was a few years back while working as an Uber driver. Drivers can rent a car for the day or a few hours if theirs isn’t available. This allows a driver to drive outside their home market.

These cars belong to peer owners, not a large rental company, and it’s a way for a car owner to earn money when they are not using their car.

I downloaded the App and created an account, which requires adding a driver’s license, a payment form, and other basic information. I found a lot of cars just a few blocks away from my apartment.

Like with any rental car, the first thing is learning about the car. I had humorous moments when I had to pop a trunk open or figure out how to open the gas cap. The rates are relatively cheap—as low as $5 per hour and include basic insurance.

There are often mileage limitations with small surcharges for overages. It kept me on the road and working and allowed me to do airport pickups when my regular car didn’t qualify.

It’s cheaper than doing rideshare for a whole day and takes less time than relying on public transit. For instance, one recent rental was $30 for a 7-hour rental, plus gas.

The distance I went around town would have easily been over $100 in rideshare or taxi expenses.

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