Residential Proxies 101

A Comprehensive Overview

The Internet is an excellent tool for information. It’s the way most of us work and find entertainment. However, we’re not harnessing the full benefit of the web without proxies.

This article will explain the need for residential proxies and how they will help you work better and smarter.

What Is a Residential Proxy?

Proxies act as intermediaries for traffic between your devices and the web servers to which you connect. You can use them for games, applications, and websites.

When you use a proxy, your internet traffic appears to originate from the proxy’s location. Therefore, if your proxy holds a US IP address, your browsing activity will look like an American’s.

While residential proxies are excellent for business, they’re also beneficial for everyday use. They help us get around restrictions and aid in automation. Let’s look at some common applications;

Web scraping

In business, data is king. When you have information, you know how the market will react and what trends will drive buying decisions. So how do you obtain this critical data? Web scraping is the easiest method.

With all its benefits, the Internet also comes with its bad players. Avoid copycats trying to imitate your brand with malicious ads and fake products. Residential proxies help with that.

Brand protection

You should always price your products and services well. If you charge too much, consumers will go elsewhere. On the other hand, listing a low rate will create doubts in your clients’ minds. Do things the smart way – use sales intelligence tools with residential proxies.

Price monitoring

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