If you want a new job, then check your resume right now for these 4 mistakes

Over the course of my career, I’ve read through hundreds of resumes. Maybe thousands. Too many candidates still make the same mistakes over and over, and it’s killing their chances of getting the job. 

Most hiring managers only need a few minutes with your resume to decide whether or not to give you a call for an interview. 

About 99% of resumes are discarded within minutes due to these mistakes. We see them all the time. 

Spelling and Grammar errors

Spelling and grammar mistakes on your resume speak negatively to your attention to detail. Remember that to a potential employer, your resume is the only information they know about you. 

Not Tailored to the Position

I’ve seen so many generic resume templates in my time that I could pick them out almost instantly. These resumes include experience and qualifications that are unrelated to the job.

Including Buzzwords and Business Jargon

Here are some common buzzwords to avoid: Passionate, Detailed oriented, Spearhead, Synergies, Team player, Problem solver, Proactive, and Objective. In truth, there are too many of these words to list, and while their inclusion didn’t always convince me to ditch the resume, they certainly didn’t help.