These Retail Jobs Offer The Best Discount

The Retail Rundown:

From Barnes and Noble to Disney, here's everything you need to know about the best discounts that retail jobs currently offer.

Clothes are always good. Ann Taylor and the Gap are a few of the retail stores that offer their employees 50% off. If you’re looking to work for a clothing store, a modest paycheck usually makes up for itself with a great discount.

Some retailers can be less generous with their employee discounts. For instance, Kohl’s offers 15%, Macy’s offers 20%, and Nordstrom offers 20% for employees and 33% for managers.

Last summer, Walmart announced a new initiative to pay for the tuition of its employees.

Free College, Yes Please

In addition to a starting hourly rate of $17 an hour, the giant retailer rolled out its Live Better U program, which will enable 1.5 million employees to get an education without the worry of debt.

Some upper-class retailers offer great employee discounts. Wealth of Geeks talked with Cindy Corpis to get the inside scoop on retail discounts. Cindy is the CEO of

Opportunities in High-End Retail

“Workers of Louis Vuitton receive a 30% discount,” says Cindy. But the luxury French brand also has an exciting perk for employees. “It has a private website where Vuitton will offer one-off fashions at steep discounts to employees alone.”

While Neiman Marcus offers its employees 30% as well, the real winner is athletic apparel company Lululemon. According to Cindy, “Lululemon workers who work full time receive a 60% discount.”

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