How To Write a Retirement Letter The Right Way

Your retirement letter is simply a formal declaration of your retirement, and they are different from formal resignation letters.

You don’t want to burn your bridges. And, you may want to leave the door open for a return to work should the need arise (as the Wall Street Journal reports, this is more common than you might think). So, your retirement letter is essential.

Your retirement letter should include several key elements, including:

– Your name and contact      information – Your current position at the      company – Your final working day at the      company – Details about transitioning      your workload – Are you open to consulting?      If so, mention it

And, of course, be professional. Start with a cordial greeting like “Dear,” followed by your manager’s name or department. Then, be clear and unwavering in your letter.

Somewhere within the letter, thank your employer for the opportunity to work there. Express sincere appreciation for your experience. Even if you’re leaving on bad terms, a quick thank you is still the professional thing to do.

Lastly, address how you plan to use any unused benefits. For instance, some companies offer to pay you the cash value of vacation hours when you leave the company.

Though you may wish to remain an employee instead of selling back your vacation hours to keep health benefits longer. Again, check with your HR department for details on what is possible.

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