Review: ‘Batman and Robin and Howard’ is a Delightfully Fun Story Filled With Heart

Batman and Robin and Howard by Jeffrey Brown is a very endearing and humorous tale about Damian Wayne taking on public school, making friends, and figuring out what kind of pint-sized hero he is. 

Brown is skilled at creating comical pieces of dialogue that can amuse children—the intended audiences—and the adults reading along with them. 

Damian’s adventure begins after he feels sidelined by his father—the great caped crusader Batman—and after an errant decision on a mission on the night before his first day at a new school. 

Damian is, understandably, a bit spoiled and extremely aloof about his less-than-favorable personality traits that go along with being a billionaire’s son. 

Like with most of Brown’s work, Batman and Robin and Howard is not meant to be a super-serious superhero adventure. 

It’s lighthearted and fun and filled with perils and pitfalls that are perfectly proportioned for a middle schooler.