Review: Brian K. Vaughan’s ‘Saga’ Returns With ‘Saga #55’ Story

After three long years, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’s popular space opera, Saga, has finally returned. And if what Vaughan and Staples delivered in Saga #55 is any indication of what they have in store for eager fans, readers can take a huge sigh of relief knowing the duo hasn’t lost their magical touch yet.

Mirroring the real-world gap between Saga #54 and #55, the story is set three years after the death of Marko and Prince Robot IV at the hands of The Will. The universe is still engulfed in the galactic-wide conflict between Landfall and Wreath, which is as violent, pointless, and destructive as ever.

Despite how little has changed in terms of the war, the main characters of Saga couldn’t be more different, especially its current protagonist, Hazel.

Now nine years old, Hazel is now more adult than ever, having grown up emotionally, mentally, and physically (she’s able to fly now!) in the three years since her father’s death. Her maturation into the young girl at the center of this issue illustrates the significant changes she’s undergone, having abandoned her role of helpless toddler behind. 

Now, she’s a more mischievous child who secretly disobeys her parents and does what she wants—including stealing an album and almost getting killed by Landfallian soldiers in the opening pages of this issue.

It’s Hazel’s growth as a character that takes center stage. Never before has a character other than Alana or Marko been featured so prominently before, signaling perhaps a changing of the guard for the comic. Is Hazel the new main protagonist now?