Review: ‘Clerk’ Feels Like a Eulogy for the Living

In 2018, filmmaker, writer, podcast impresario, and master of the profane speaking engagement Kevin Smith suffered a massive heart attack. He survived.

A significant reason for this tone of honoring no doubt comes from the project’s director Malcolm Ingram. Smith has produced several of Ingram’s films—fictional and documentary—over the years.

Documentaries are under no obligation to be journalistic, especially one of this variety. Still, it’s interesting that the doc makes no effort to link Smith and Ingram, who is, in some ways, a protégé.

Listening to Smith riff on his life and creative endeavors is a bit like revisiting an old friend. The kind that you grew away from as your interests diverged but with whom you still share a quick and easy rapport.

The multi-hyphenate has long presented as a remarkably vulnerable and open-hearted man. He might not tell you everything, but what he does say is honest.