Review: ‘Feather and Flame’ Brings Mulan to Life with Historical Flare

I love Mulan. She is at the very top of my list of favorite Disney characters and the film is probably in the top five as well. 

I have a soft spot for her and her story and I was thrilled to see that she was the next character to receive the historical reimagining treatment in Disney’s Queen’s Council collection.  

Livia Blackburne beautifully infuses key aspects of the original Disney film with historical inspiration, while providing us with a happily ever after. 

Blackburne swiftly captures the interests of readers by opening the novel a short time after Mulan’s victory in rescuing China from the Huns, allowing us to see her settling into civilian life once more. 

Of course, the novel would not be nearly as exciting if Mulan remained in her quiet village, flirting with the idea of marrying Li Shang. 

In fact, she hasn’t even been living a sedate life following the events of Mulan—she’s been training an all-female militia in her village.