Review: ‘Marry Me’ is a Jennifer Lopez Concert Ticket, but Not Quite a Valentine’s Day Rom-Com

Netflix isn’t the only studio capitalizing on society’s hunger for trope-filled rom-coms and feel-good romances. Universal Studio’s ambitious Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson-led film Marry Me sings its way into theaters this Friday just in time for Valentine’s Day, with, unfortunately, lackluster appeal.

Based on Bobby Crosby’s graphic novel by the same name, Marry Me tells the story of international popstar Kat Valdez (Lopez) who is set to marry her hunky fiance and fellow popstar Bastian (Maluma) live, on stage, in front of her millions of adoring fans. 

Seconds before the ceremony is set to begin, Page Six leaks gut wrenching footage of Bastian cheating on Kat with her personal assistant, which sends her into a tailspin on stage in front of an audience.

Instead of having a complete breakdown, Kat locks eyes with a man in the audience–Charlie Gilbert (Wilson)–who happens to be holding a sign that reads “MARRY ME.” For reasons beyond my comprehension, but ultimately because this is a movie and it furthers the plot, Kat decides to marry Charlie right there on the spot.

Look, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense considering the fact that he’s only holding the sign because her single is quite literally entitled “Marry Me” and Kat has no idea if the man, who is very clearly standing beside his daughter Lou (Chloe Coleman), is married or in a relationship. 

But it’s a rom-com, so it’s okay to take wild leaps beyond the realms of believability.