Review: ‘Red Notice’ Unlikely to Put its Trio of Stars on Any “Most Wanted” List

In the pitch, there’s plenty about Red Notice to generate excitement. It gives Gal Gadot a live-action non-Wonder Woman role that we actually get to see—sorry, Death on the Nile for whatever purgatory has ensnared you. 

It’s her first of those, save a cameo as herself, in five years. 

The movie puts Dwayne Johnson in both romantic entanglements and in fights he loses. 

Both are very rare for him. Finally, it gives Ryan Reynolds the space to be a vaguely immoral smooth comedic chatterbox in a way that the Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard absolutely did not. 

In the execution, however? Unfortunately, things don’t quite pay off as you’d hope. 

Red Notice’s premise is an interesting enough idea to build a film around. It’s an art theft take on the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” premise.