Review: ‘Star Wars: Crimson Reign’ (#1)

Charles Soule’s critically acclaimed Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters miniseries came to a close in October, but not before unleashing a new entry point into the world of Lady Qi’ra’s scheming. 

Crimson Reign is Soule’s next Marvel miniseries, and this time he is bringing together the combined forces of Qi’ra’s Crimson Dawn organization, her advisors Margo and Trinia, the Knights of Ren, Chanath Cha and the Orphans, Deathstick, and the Archivist to bring down Darth Sidious. 

Some readers might balk at this concept, given the fact that we know that she will fail at bringing down Sidious in any real way—Return of the Jedi first premiered nearly forty years ago after all. 

However, I love how the Star Wars storytellers have been finding new ways to build onto the stories that we already intimately know. 

War of the Bounty Hunters further contextualized a key point in Boba Fett’s story with Han Solo, carefully knit Qi’ra into the canon of the original trilogy, and served as a launchpad for richer storytelling. 

Now we’re presented with an opportunity to not only bring Qi’ra to the forefront, but we’re also learning more about the Knights of Ren.