Review: Apple TV+’s ‘Suspicion’ Series Dead-Ends Into Nonsense

The new Apple TV+ series Suspicion, based on the Israeli thriller series False Flag, goes in the other direction. Instead of hitting you with a gauche asteroid of eco-politics, director Chris Long stealthily conceals anti-capitalist environmentalism in a twisty thriller plot. 

In doing so, he inadvertently, and unfortunately, makes a good case for a more forthright approach. 

By the time you reach the series’ end, the genre pleasures and the politics have gotten so tangled together and muddled that it’s hard to care either what happens to the characters, or what the series is trying to say. 

Suspicion’s plot begins when the son of high-powered PR executive Katherine Newman (an underutilized Uma Thurman) is kidnapped in a New York hotel. 

Five British guests are identified (for somewhat obscure reasons) as potential suspects. The UK police investigate, and we slowly find out that the innocent accused are not quite so innocent after all. 

Meanwhile, the video of the kidnapping goes viral, and the kidnappers make the obscure demand that Katherine should “Tell the Truth!” Public opinion turns against her and against the culture of elite corruption and impunity she represents.