Review: ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ is the More Mature, Character-Driven Crime Drama We’ve Been Waiting For

After being announced just over a year ago via post-credit scene in The Mandalorian season two finale, at long last, The Book of Boba Fett has arrived on Disney+. 

Starring Temuera Morrison as the titular bounty hunter-turned-crime lord, and Ming-Na Wen as his second in command, master assassin Fennec Shand, The Book of Boba Fett brings a quieter, more grounded story to the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Despite critiques that the series is pandering to the nostalgia of an aging demographic, The Book of Boba Fett appears to be more focused on developing the legendary bounty hunter beyond the cool-looking, ambiguous vibe he had before, and into something more like the very grounded, human character who appeared in the back half of The Mandalorian’s second season.

Questions that have floated around since Boba Fett returned to Star Wars – particularly questions surrounding how he escaped the Sarlacc and survived in the interim – are answered almost immediately in the pilot episode via extensive flashbacks. 

The escape itself is not given very much time, because it's not the actual getting out that matters, it’s Boba’s survival once he escapes that matters.

Once he is stripped of his armour by Jawas, he is taken by Tuskens and kept as a prisoner in their camp, where he begins by fighting back against their harsh treatment of him, and eventually, begrudgingly earns their respect.