Review: ‘The High Republic: Showdown at the Fair’ is a Charming Entry Point For Young Reader

The High Republic: Showdown at the Fair is the illustrated tie-in book for The Rising Storm, much in the same way that The Great Jedi Rescue was released a few months after Light of the Jedi.  

Showdown at the Fair was written by George Mann, a newcomer to The High Republic, but certainly not a newcomer to Star Wars

Peter Antonsson lent his talented illustration skills to the book, bringing to life the colorful merriment that took place on Valo, as well as Burryaga—the Wookiee Jedi—as he faces off against the Nihil.

Stellan Gios, Bell Zettifar, and his charhound Ember also make brief cameos in beautiful illustrations of some of the action they were part of in the novel.

Showdown at the Fair is the perfect book for anyone who needs a little extra assistance when imagining the events from The Rising Storm.

Mann brings his own approach to this section of the novel, approaching it through Burryaga’s viewpoint, bringing young readers into the action through a character they may be able to release to.