Review: ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Is All Nostalgia With No Bait

The Matrix Resurrections is disconcertedly aware of itself in a way that no other sequel film has ever been—nor could any sequel film get away with it as well as it does. 

Early on in the film they even point out that Warner Bros. is demanding a sequel out of The Matrix franchise and throughout the film audiences are reminded that the franchise is kind of goofy. 

From jests about Neo’s slow-motion action sequences or to blatant hero worship and the refutation of the “Chosen One” trope—the entire film is one giant piece of meta, wrapped in even more meta. 

Are we in the Matrix because we’re watching Thomas Anderson watch Neo? 

Seldom are films as self-referential as The Matrix Resurrections.  

For fans of the original Matrix trilogy, who watched the franchise for the romance between Trinity and Neo, this film is a perfect conclusion to their relationship.