Review: ‘The Wheel of Time’ Episode 5 “Blood Calls Blood”

The fifth episode of The Wheel of Time, “Blood Calls Blood,” perfectly pays off last week’s somewhat underwhelming subplot for Egwene and Perrin as the Tinkers face-off against the White Cloaks fairly early on in the episode, placing the pair into the path of certain danger. 

The bulk of this episode is actually dedicated to their storyline and the plot that is developing there. What is revealed not only has an impact on their individual futures, but for the future of their entire group of friends from the Two Rivers.   

As it turns out, while one of them may be the Dragon Reborn, they each harbor their own special abilities and I look forward to seeing how they grow and develop these threads as the story progresses.

Following the attack of the False Dragon’s followers in the previous episode, the Aes Sedai bury their dead, including Kerene Nagashi (Clare Perkins) which allows The Wheel of Time to really flesh out and deepen the human connections within this intricate web of worldbuilding.

Early on it was established that the Aes Sedai and their Warders share a deep bond, but now audiences get the opportunity to see the depths of these bonds.