Review: ‘tick, tick…BOOM!’ is a Beautiful Tribute to Theatre and Jonathan Larson Himself

In tick, tick…BOOM!, Jonathan says;

“There’s not enough time.” 

The fear of not having enough time to accomplish everything within a person’s potential is a theme that runs through Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work which makes his direction of this musical very apt. tick, tick…BOOM! is a semi-autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson about his creative pursuits as a writer in New York City. 

Just as Miranda’s Alexander Hamilton “write[s] like [he’s] running out of time,” Jonathan works furiously on his musical, while his impending death that we know is coming lingers in the air.

tick, tick…BOOM! started out as a one-man show performed by Larson himself in 1990. 

In 1996, after Larson’s death, it was transformed into a three-person show by playwright David Auburn and has been performed throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Now screenwriter Steven Levenson, who also wrote Dear Evan Hanson, has updated it once more for the screen, expanding the cast and fleshing out the parts of Jonathan’s life that we get to see.