Review: VEIKK VK2200 Pro Graphic Monitor Drawing Tablet with Screen

Are you an art geek, or maybe you have an art lover on your shopping list? Perhaps you are trying to launch an art-based side hustle or start selling NFTs? Then you will want to check out this review of the Studio VK2200 Pro.

The Veikk Studio VK2200 Pro has turned some heads in the digital art space as it enters an impressive drawing tablet into the market. Here are the details and a complete review.

The VK2200 tablet enables artists to create hand-drawn images, animations, and graphics using a stylus pen.

Most drawing tablets aim to provide artists with a superior digital art experience but feel as natural as drawing with a pencil and paper.

Based on glowing reviews on Amazon and other personal artist websites, the VK2200 Pro manages to achieve this.

Let's start with the details about this drawing tablet and what comes in the package.

Specification – 21.5-inch, 1920×1080 IPS full matte laminated display brings art to life with 16.7 million pixels, 12sRGB/92% NTSC of true-to-life color, and clarity.

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