It’s Time to Revisit ‘Party Down’ Before the Revival

When it comes to comedies, we tend to air on the side of caution when revisiting them. Not that all comedies don’t age well but just that some jokes were of their time and so when you go back, it just feels like reliving old jokes. 

If anyone seems to have avoided that in his work, it is Adam Scott. Having brought to life characters like Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation, he’s no stranger to the comedy scene but there was a short-lived Starz series called Party Down that Scott was on prior to his turn on Parks and Rec that is finally getting its due. 

The series lasted for two seasons and followed a catering company of failed creatives as they kept trying their hand at Hollywood. 

Scott played Henry Pollard, a man who got popular from a commercial that had him yelling “Are we having fun yet?” and resulted in fans constantly screaming it at him. 

And throughout the series, we got to see his relationship to Lizzy Caplan’s Casey grow and the antics of Ken Marino’s Ron Donald or Megan Mullally’s Lydia Dunfree. 

The question now is: Is the original series worth a revisit? As I stated before, comedy is a hard pill to take again. Sometimes, you just have to live with the memories and leave the show behind.