Here Are The Richest Actresses of All Time

According to GOBankingRates, here is the list of richest actresses of all time, ranked in order of lowest to highest by net worth.

Number 15: Sofia Vergara

It's hard to believe that Vergara was only two semesters shy of graduating from dental school in her native Columbia before her discovery by a talent agent at the beach. She is worth $180 million.

Number 14: Jessica Alba

It was a wise business decision for Alba that brought in her millions rather than her acting paychecks. She is worth $200 million.

Number 13: Jane Fonda

Fonda started her career on Broadway and quickly transitioned to movies. Although she has had several hits beginning in the 1960s, she may be best known for her role in the film 9 to 5 in 1980. Her net worth is $200 million.

Number 12: Demi Moore

Demi Moore started acting at age 18 and is still as popular as ever. She's worth $200 million.

Number 11: Sandra Bullock

This Academy Award-winning actress and producer began her career in Hollywood, landing minor roles until she had a breakthrough in 1994 in the high-grossing action movie Speed. Her net worth is $250 million.

Number 10: Nicole Kidman

Kidman is another actress who has built up her net worth primarily through her acting career.  She's worth $250 million.

Number 9: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Although it's a nice boost in life when you are born into a billionaire family (father Gerard Louis-Dreyfus was a financier), Julia Louis-Dreyfus has done a great job of paving her own path to success. Her net worth is $250 million.

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