The 8 Richest NFL Players In Football History – Ranked In Order

It’s well known in American sports circles that NFL players are amongst the best-paid sportsmen in the world. They often drive the fanciest cars and own some really expensive houses.

There is no reason that more of the current NFL players won’t make the $100 million club very soon. For now, here are some past and present stars that have made it to the 9-figure list.

He spent the rest of his career (2006 to 2020) playing for the New Orleans Saints. Brees is known as one of the richest NFL players of the outgoing generation with a current net worth of around $100 million.

Drew Brees

Brett Favre

With a net worth of around $100 million, Brett Favre has recently made it onto the 9-figure list. This NFL hero boasts tremendous stats with a record of 299 consecutive games played, 6,300 posted completions, and 508 touchdowns in his career.

The ex-baller held the position of the President of Football Operations for the Broncos until 2021. He now holds the role of an outside consultant. John has managed to build a net worth of about $145 million.

John Elway

Aaron Rodgers

While aging in the sport, he is one of the hottest assets in the game right now. His current estimated net worth is around $150 million to $180 million, made up predominantly of salary and sponsorship deals.

15 Seasons in the NFL can set you up for life. Steve Young is certainly one of the richest NFL players ever with a current net worth of approximately $200 million.

Steve Young

Peyton Manning

He is rated as one of the best quarterbacks to have played the game. He is worth a whopping $200 million as of early 2022.

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