Ripped Anime Characters Who Will  Love



Superalloy Darkshine

One of One Punch Man‘s most powerful characters is Superalloy Darkshine. He has exceptionally defined muscles and a very well-built physique, similar to the strong anime characters. Superalloy wasn't always big and powerful; as a little child, he was weak.

Machio Naruzo

Bodybuilder and personal trainer Naruzo works at Silverman Gym. He has incredibly well-defined muscles in practically every aspect of his body and is exceptionally well-built.




In the Chimera Ant arc of the Hunter x Hunter series, Menthuthuyoupi served as one of Meruem's three royal guards. With a bulky, muscular physique and dark red complexion, he was the tallest of the royal guards in terms of physical size. 


Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi Zaraki is unquestionably one of the greatest fighters in Bleach. He is also the captain of squad 11 in Soul Society. He has lengthy, spiky hair that is topped with bells.

Jean Pierre Polnareff 

Polnareff of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures could seem like a brash, arrogant individual with a fondness for women. He is a traditional Frenchman who firmly upholds the chivalric and honor codes



Baki  Hanma

In Baki the Grappler, Baki Hanma is the lead character. He decided to take control of his training when he was just 13 years old. He finally went on to win the title in the Tokyo arena with no regulations. 


Lord Genome 

In Gurren Lagann, Lord Genome is a wicked and dishonest king. He possessed the evil desire to wipe off all humankind from the face of the earth. He covered his tanned, powerful, and solid figure with a long, white wrap coat.