21 Road Trip Games To Make The Trip Memorable

These car games are fun enough that you might even be willing to skip your car nap! Of course, they are meant to be played in the car, but you can modify most of them for a hotel room.

Each player gets a bingo board with a grid. Five rows and five columns. Each square has an item. When you see an item, cross it off or put a sticker over it. The first person to cross off five in a row wins.

Car Bingo

Take turns telling knock-knock jokes and trying to get each other to laugh. If your competitive family needs to have a winner, you can keep track of how many times each person laughs. The person with the lowest number wins.

Don't Laugh!

Work as a group to find as many different license plates as possible. This classic game is often used to find other state license plates, but adding different designs within the state could be fun.

License Plate Game

The oldest member of the family starts by thinking about something. They share one clue. “I'm thinking about something we all love to do together.” Everyone else guesses. Another clue gets added. “It's something we do outside.” Everyone guesses again. Play continues until someone guesses correctly what the person is thinking.

What Am I Thinking

For travel games with dice, we've used an actual dice tray, a shoebox lid, and a plastic container. They've all worked great. One of our favorites is the 10,000 dice game.

Dice Games

In this game, everyone works together to create a story. The first person starts by setting up the scene with a sentence or two. They end with “and then…” The following person picks up the story and adds a sentence or two.

And Then…

Again, they end with “and then…” Continue with this process until the story ends. Bonus tip: if you want to lift the cranky mood in the car, add some silly twist to the story on your turn.

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