Robo-Advisors – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

During a global recession, the first robo-advisor was created in 2008. And they have only been gaining in popularity ever since then. 

Robo-advisors are online platforms that do 99% of the work for you when it comes to investing. Most will ask you to complete a series of questions before opening an account. 

Then, the robo-advisor will automatically select investment vehicles for you based on your answers. 

There is plenty of good to find with robo-advisors. But overall, we’ve seen most of the benefits of robo-advisors revolve around one thing: 


Robo-advisors make your life easier in a lot of ways. Just like credit cards simplified the buying of goods and exchanging cash, robo-advisors have simplified investing. 

Easy Set-Up

It’s straightforward to get started with a robo-advisor. Most operate the same – to open an account with them, you first need to answer a set of questions.