The Rules of Society You Need to Break To Be Successful

Most of us don't build wealth by obeying the rules of society. Successful people break them.

I'm not talking about breaking the law. I mean breaking the unwritten expectations that society places on us throughout our lives and career. These rules stunt our progress because they trap us into taking the slow road or letting other people take advantage of our kindness.

If you want to be successful, you need to break these unwritten rules.

Break it: Every airline already knows this. Before every flight, they remind us to put our oxygen masks on first, then our neighbor's. We won't be any help if we fall unconscious because we opt to help someone else first. Taking care of yourself first (this includes health, money, and self-care) puts you in a better position to help others.

Never Be Selfish.

Passions are typically more creative. Strengths are more analytical and valuable. For instance, your passion might be photography or painting, but your strength is tracking and organizing numbers. You'll probably make more money being an accountant than a photographer or painter.

Follow Your Passion.

Break it: This was a great lesson when we were 10-year-olds. But waiting our turn is terrible advice when we are adults.

Wait Your Turn.

The truth is building wealth and being successful isn't a single-file line. Instead, it's a crowd of people finding that “secret passage.” We are all scrambling and doing our best to make our own way in this life. You cannot wait for other people to find their way before making your own. You need to own it.

Break it: Say yes to almost everything, then double down on what works. Then, say no to everything else. This philosophy keeps us trying new things and learning what works and doesn't. It's a critical step toward finding success in life.

Control Your Time by Saying “No.”

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