If You Love Dogs, Don’t Watch These 12 Sad Movies

Dog owners understand the reality all too well: a dog's only fault is that they leave us far too soon. Well, some are absolutely vicious menaces to society, but for most dogs, the whole passing-away-too-soon thing is by far their worst feature.

So, owners of puppies and dogs long in the tooth avoid these movies at all costs. They might start sweet, but they turn out to be unmitigated bummers.

My Dog Skip (2000)

Not only is the plot meant to inflict maximum pain on dog owners, but seeing a pre-pubescent Frankie Muniz will make you feel old. But mostly, the plot is a real downer.

Marley & Me (2008)

Even Owen Wilson, in his prime, couldn't out-goofy the ending to Marley & Me. Those who read the best-selling novel that preceded the film still went to see this movie knowing that they'd need a Shop-Vac to suck up the tears.

Best in Show (2000)

While Best in Show won't make you cry the Marley & Me-style, my-dog-just-died tears, it will make you question whether you want to own a dog at all.

I Am Legend (2007)

While I Am Legend is far from the traditional dog film, in a movie carried largely by two main characters, the dog has a central role.

Old Yeller (1957)

The classic tale of boy-dog bonding from Disney paved the way for an endless slate of subsequent films where man meets dog, man loves dog, and man loses dog.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)

Seriously, skip this otherwise delightful film if you care about your dog or your human relatives…really if you care about anything.

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