Heartbreaking Moments in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind You Never Noticed

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind presents a unique argument synonymous with early 2004 psychological movies, is the pain of existing in a world tinted with memories of the past a world in which we’d like to live?

Hailed as one of the movies too painful to rewatch, the subreddit dedicated to movie lovers across the globe r/movies opened up about their presumed saddest part of the film.

“Sitting in the waiting room to get the memory erasing procedure done, people hold boxes of belongings from the person/memories they want erased. There's a few, but one is a middle-aged man who's trying not to cry. His box contains a sports trophy."

Father Erasing His Son

"It's most likely the man is there to erase the memory of his own SON, who obviously passed away. We all know that losing a child is the most emotionally painful thing a human being can go through. Could you imagine being in that much pain that you would ERASE EVERY SINGLE MEMORY OF YOUR BELOVED CHILD?"

Reddit user Tejmujin writes: “What also made me sad when I thought about it was that Joel's experience wouldn't be unique."

You are Not Unique

"The memories were erased newest to oldest, so the trauma that led to wanting the memory erased would be gone, and you'd be left fighting for your fond memories now that you can't remember the stupid fight that led to the relationship ending or the betrayal or the accident, the illness, whatever.”

When Joel said he wanted to erase all of his memories of Clementine, that included everything mentioning Clementine.

Joel Forgets Huckleberry Hound

“When he first meets Clementine, he says he loved Huckleberry Hound. Due to the song ‘oh my darling Clementine, ’ Huckleberry Hound was erased from his memory. Serious collateral damage,” an Eternal Sunshine fan claimed.

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