4 Ways to Get Your Interviewer To Share Their Salary Expectations First

“Every time I ask for a job's salary range, the recruiter puts it back on me,” a Fairygodboss community member wrote on the community feed.

“This seems unfair. I want to make sure that we are not wasting each other's time by setting up a call if expectations are not aligned. But I don't want to say a range and run the risk of low-balling myself either. How do you usually handle this situation?”

This is a common problem among job seekers. Fortunately, our community was, as usual, full of ideas.

Ask outright.

You can always start by just asking.

“Force the issue,” Christine Ibanez agreed, especially when you’re dealing with an external recruiter. “It's their JOB, and they are paid a commission as a % of YOUR salary. Trust me, they know the range of high/low figures on-base/ bonus/ etc. Don't let them play you.”

Be up to date on local laws.

One poster pointed out that many states and cities now have salary transparency laws or are passing legislation to that effect.

New York City, for example, will be requiring employers to post salaries on job listings this year, while states like California, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, and Rhode Island have passed similar laws.

Say, “I will consider your best offer.”

“My recruiter once told me if asked that question in the interview, to say ‘Compensation is important and I will consider your best offer,’” Rosa Goes wrote.

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