Save Money at the Pump As Gas Prices Skyrocket

The latest figures from Patrick De Haan, petroleum analyst at GasBuddy, suggest continued pain at the pump. 

He expects gas prices across the U.S. to continue rising throughout the spring and averages for the entire year to be at $4.00, surpassing all previous records. 

However, there are still opportunities to save big on fuel costs. We spoke to experts on the seven best ways to save money at the pump. 

Drive Responsibly

Driving responsibly doesn't sound like the most exciting way to save money on gas, but it has proven effective. 

So before you think about slamming the accelerator or weaving between lanes, consider the cost, literally. According to Andrew Scott, a financial expert, careful driving can save up to a whopping 38% on fuel expenses. 

With just a few changes to your driving habits, you can save hundreds of dollars a year at the gas station. 


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