(According to Extreme Hypermilers)

#1 Hack To Save Money On Fuel

Extreme hypermilers – also known as ecodrivers – are those who have mastered the art of being efficient with their engines. When gas prices rise dramatically, their driving techniques and hacks more than offset the hit to their wallets.

A hypermiler’s goal isn’t to better their fuel efficiency, but rather max out their fuel efficiency – to extreme levels. Here are some of the best hypermiling tips that any driver can immediately start taking advantage of.

Drive Less

If you live within walking distance to your gym or your grocery store and you use your vehicle to get there, your fuel economy is taking a massive hit. Spare the gas and walk instead.

Track Your Fuel Consumption

Being more aware of your fuel consumption will make you more aware of the amount you are spending on it, and often will translate into a less aggressive driving style that will help your fuel economy.

Fall into the habit of checking your tire pressure every time you stop for gas and keep your tires inflated to your vehicle’s factory specifications.

Keep Proper Tire Inflation

Avoid Drive-Thrus

The combination of a potential long line of vehicles and the amount of time it takes for your order to be prepared all come together to wreak havoc on your fuel economy.

Any vehicle will run more efficiently when it’s not weighed down. Consider all the factors that are currently weighing your vehicle down and how you can eliminate them.

Limit Unnecessary Weight

Leave Earlier and Don’t Rush

Your overall driving style should be described as relaxed and non-aggressive, and the last thing a hypermiler likes to do is drive quickly, erratically, or aggressively to make up for lost time.

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