13 Easy Ways To Save at The Grocery Store Without Really Trying

On the surface, it can seem pretty daunting to save money at the grocery store. But there are some easy ways to spend less. None of them require extreme couponing or other extensive measures. 

Using common sense and an actual plan of attack works every time, so pay attention and save…without even really trying! 

Shop as Infrequently as Possible

Yes, you’ll buy more per trip, but in the end, you'll spend less and save your money because you're more likely to use up the groceries and ingredients you already have. 

Shop With a List

Going into the grocery store without a good list is like going on a trip without GPS or a map. You’ll buy things impulsively and you’ll buy things you don’t need. 

Purchase Fewer Convenience Foods

Purchase staples like dried legumes and grains, raw meats, and fresh vegetables instead of prepared foods. They last longer, which will help you to be able to shop less frequently. 

Shop The Perimeter of The Store

Grocery stores are designed to place essential ingredients at opposite ends of the store, forcing shoppers to pass through all the aisles and tempting them with items they don’t need. 

Look Down and Look Up for The Best Prices

The lowest-priced items are usually placed above or below eye level. The items that bring stores the highest profit are always at eye level and easier to find. 

Shop Your Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer First!

Before you shop, first check your kitchen. You don’t want to purchase ingredients that you already have but may have forgotten about. This will reduce your waste. 

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