25 Smart Ways You Can Save Money Using Your Phone

One of the best personal finance tools is something you already have. 

You might not think that your cell phone is an essential tool for saving money, but you can find deals, get cashback, track your spending habits, and make savvy purchases no matter where you are. 

Get Cashback Using App

Many apps give cashback on your everyday purchases. Check out apps like Ibbota, Swagbucks and Rakuten. 

Reducing Wasteful Spending 

By tracking what you're spending money on, you can gain insight into where your money is going and how much of it's being wasted. 

Get the Lowest Price

Apps like eBay even have a built-in barcode scanner to quickly check in-store prices vs. buying online, saving your money. 

Save on Gas

Price comparisons don't stop at stores. Use it for gas too!