Saving for the Holidays:

How To Save Money When Traveling This Holiday Season 

Airline ticket prices have increased by 25% since the start of the year, outpacing the rate of inflation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in April 2022 alone, airplane tickets managed to increase by 18.6% due to higher fuel prices and soaring operational costs.

Lodging, car rental, and dining out are also now more expensive, and holiday travel, whether domestically or internationally is looking to only become a pipedream for Americans this holiday season.

Though it’s become harder and more challenging to make the most of your money, there are still small things you can do to save a bit of cash, and travel more economically during this holiday period.

Well, for starters, when you plan your holiday and look at all the potential costs that may be involved, you start putting together a clearer picture of how much money you will need, and what it will be spent on.

Plan Ahead of Time

Instead of only looking at one or two websites – comparison shop – by comparing several options against one another and deciding on the most affordable or budget-friendly.

Shop for Holiday Deals

It might not be the most convenient to travel with a large group of family members, but if you’re open to the idea, consider how you can split the costs among others.

Split the Costs

Several days cramped together with your family in one house might not sound like the most luxurious experience, but when you feel as if the inflation Grinch has gotten hold of your holiday budget, consider how you can save on holiday accommodation.

Stay With Friends or Family

Maybe the idea of traveling by car or even plane this year is completely out of the budget. In this case, you can always make use of alternative transportation such as a train or even a bus.

Use Alternative Transportation

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