Saving Money For Your Self-Care

Whatever it takes for you to feel like you’ve made yourself a priority and that you’ve taken care of yourself in some way that you needed to be taken care of. That is what self-care is all about. 

There’s that saying that goes: “You cannot pour from an empty cup,” by Tarryne West. If you’re not ok, you can’t take care of others either. 

I’ve listed some everyday self-care experiences below. All of them are budget-friendly and meant to give you ideas for how you could incorporate more self-care into your routine without spending $199 per month. 

Spa Day At Home

A facemask packet at a drug store will cost anywhere from 1-5 dollars depending on the mask. Nail polish is the same depending on the size of the bottle and the brand. Couple this with a Netflix movie and a glass of wine, and you’ve got yourself a relaxing evening at home. 

Girl Time

Fancy restaurants and wineries are not required; however, if you do want to get out, then look for happy hours in your area, or if there’s a restaurant with BYOB, then buy a bottle and take it with you! If the weather is nice, grab a bottle on a picnic or sneak it onto the beach.  

Physical Activities

Hiking, biking, or just long walks in the neighborhood can do wonders for clearing your head. If you live in a colder part of the country where going outside may not be an option, then YouTube some exercise videos, download a Yoga app and get moving at home.